Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture That!

Thought for the day: If you don't pay your exorcist, you may get repossessed.

By George, I think I've got it! 
So far, so good. Looks like I may have exorcised the problem I was having with Blogger refusing to save or publish images. On the other hand, if you don't see a picture here of me scratching my chinny chinny chin, maybe I DIDN'T, in which case, I believe I'll go do something lots more fun like clean out the commodes.

For now, though, I'll assume that the picture is gonna hang around, and just in case you encounter a similar problem, (and I sincerely hope you don't) I thought I'd share what (I hope) proves to be the solution for me.

Experimenting with other templates didn't make a difference, so I began reconsidering my use of Internet Explorer. When the Google techs suggested that IE was a possible source of the problem, I initially dismissed that as unlikely. After all, I'd been using IE since day one, so why should a new problem emerge on something that hadn't changed? Right?

But upon further investigation, it appeared that most of the bloggers complaining about the problem were, indeed,  IE users, and many of them reported the problem's onset about the same time it started kicking me in the keister.


Then it hit me. My PC is configured to allow Windows to automatically install updates. Ah HA! So it became more conceivable that one of those automatic updates could've changed IE such that it no longer plays well with Blogger.

So I installed Google Chrome, and so far, so good. Let's hope that's the end of that problem.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Dunno about that, but I sure will be grateful if I can regularly add a picture or two to this blog again.

I smell something special.

Know what this week is? Something special, if you're a dog ... or a cat ... or some other well-loved pampered critter. Go get the balloons and ice cream: it's National Pet Week!

Now, I could darned near fill up Noah's Ark with the number of pets I've had in my lifetime, but I reckon I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to celebrating them. Love 'em? Yeah, no doubt. But throw them parties? Invite dozens of their "friends" to the house for a play date?  For the love of God, put clothes on them? Ah, NO! 'Fraid not.

April 17 was National Pet Parents Day, and there were even American Greeting e-cards available to mark the occasion. Miss that one? Yeah, me too. But statistics show that approximately 10,000 cards WERE sent to mark the occasion.

Yesterday was "Bark in the Park" day at Atlanta's Turner Field, and for the paltry sum of twenty-five bucks, you could take your favorite canine pal into the park with you to watch the Braves play. Now, I've had a lot of dogs before, but I don't recollect any of them having much of an interest in baseball. Only interest they ever had in a ball of any kind was if you were throwing it to them and taking the slobbery thing away from them when they brought it back. Sweltering in the hot sun at the stadium never would've appealed to my dogs. Doesn't even appeal much to ME anymore. Not when I have a perfectly good air conditioner at home. 'Course, although it's still early in the season, one could argue that the Braves games have been pretty much "for the dogs" so far this year, so maybe it's only fitting that the stadium hosted a bunch of panting slobbering fans yesterday.

But this, THIS takes the cake (and ice cream):  would you believe a "puppy prom"? That's right, in March,  a PROM was held for canines in the Atlanta area. With an "Almost Paradise" theme, a king and queen, ball gowns, bow ties, beach-style decorations, a sheet cake, and ice cream treats! Oh, no, no, no! My dogs would NEVER have passed muster at a prom. They were much too rude. Fancy clothes or not, if they had the urge to scratch or lick their private places, they would never have been dissuaded by a silly bow tie.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. OK, I will admit that when our pooches weren't feeling well, I may have prepared them ground beef and rice. And when I was a kid, my mother may have made a tiny raincoat and boots for our adorable little toy manchester / chihuahua cutie. And yeah, my husband swears that I can turn any attack dog into an egg-sucking wussy that'll follow me around like Mary's little lamb. (Why have 'em if you don't love 'em, right?) But I have NEVER gone to a dog bakery. Or thrown a pooch party. Or dressed my poor dogs in Halloween costumes.

How about you? Are you into "pet-ebrations"?

Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other. If the pictures in this post publish, you can color me happy. Tra-la-la-la!


  1. Glad you solved your problem, and in retrospect, I'm not surprised that it was Internet Explorer that wouldn't play nice with Blogger. I gave up on them a long time ago. But it didn't occur to me that could be the problem. Enjoy Chrome! I do!

  2. Glad you got your blog problem fixed. :)

    But...a prom for dogs? Sheesh. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands.

  3. Uh no...loved them to bits but no, no proms or clothing for them.

  4. Ha! Entertaining post!

    As a pet sitter, I've had quite a few clients who would jump at a puppy prom. Or kitty prom for that matter. You'd be surprised how many people have pet costumes and the like hanging in their closets.

    Actually--I am off to care for a kitty who gets scallops prepared for him daily. Lucky little guy.

  5. I had trouble with my IE and I downloaded firefox and have not come into any issues so far. =)

    Poetry, Quotes and Book Reviews.

  6. Hi, Ladies. Thank y'all for stopping by.

    Dianne- Thank you. Yeah, I really didn't want to believe that Internet Explorer was at the root of the problem, but the I guess the results are telling, huh? With Chrome, so far, so good.

    Linda- Thanks. I know what you mean. That doggie prom sounded fancier that the one we had in high school. In the gym. With crepe paper decorations that we made ourselves. (aAnd I don't remember getting any cake or ice cream, either!)

    Karla- We're on the same page. There was a gal on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" last week, and since it was "pet's week", she had a little frou frou dog with her. Poor thing was dressed up like a baby doll.

    Heidi- We visited a pet store in Orlando and it had a ton of expensive outfits for people to buy for their poor poor pets. (I mean, what self-respecting dog wants to wear a cowboy outfit, for crying out loud?)

    Wow, scallops every day for a kitty? Our cats will never be THAT lucky!

    Take care, y'all.

  7. Hi, Tigress. Glad you found a fix, too. With so many people using Internet Explorer, maybe the Google techs will come up with a way for it to work on Blogger.

    Take care, and thanks for stopping by.

  8. Happy you fixed your blog problems :)

  9. Maybe Blogger IS still messing you up. I wrote a comment and it got deleted. Or maybe it's at my end. I just commented that Firefox seems to be working fine for me!

    Doggie Prom! The fascinating things I learned through blogging.

    And thanks for your comment on my post just now. I'm excited about my memoir's release. I just hope they don't change the date again.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  10. Hi, Ann. Wherever the problem was, it seems to be gone now. (Let's hope it stays gone!) Thank you for your comment, dear lady. Everybody's excited for you. Your book will be on the shelves before you know it!