Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wanta Ride?

Thought for the day:  Inside yourself and outside, you never have to change what you see, only the way you see it.  [Thaddeus Golas]

And ya know how we're gonna see it today, dontcha?

With a smile on our faces. That's right. It's time for another one of our virtual road trips, where we once again get to see some fanciful billboards produced by some awesome imaginations.

A great big thanks to the fine folks at dribbleglass who graciously granted me permission to share their creations with you. Enjoy!

     So, there ya have it. Trip's over. I hope you all have a super day. Don't forget to smile!

                          Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.


  1. The Denny's one made me laugh out loud. How very funny and true. But Denny's is so cheap, yummy AND entertaining - how can you not want to be in there at 2 am playing "Will the drunk fall over or won't he". Heehee

    Love it.

  2. Unique like everyone else... cool.

  3. The Denny's billboard made me smile! Pretty funny, and true besides! Have a great day!

  4. You're unique, just like everyone else. Have that printed up and hand it out to every purple spiky haired tatooed pierced baggy panted youngster you pass.

  5. Skippy- Hi, Kiddo. Good to see you back in the blogosphere. Glad to make ya laugh, too. We've only been to Denny's a few times, but every single time, I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME we went, we got an incompetent waitress working her first day on the job. (and possibly her LAST) We were patient with them all, but geez. Hard to make that our go-to place. Take care.

    Sarah- The one's especially for fine arts and English majors.

    Mr. C- I like the irony in that one, too.

    Dianne- A smile is good! You have a great day, too.

    Delores- It's funny, isn't it, how young people end up conforming by trying to be "different"?

  6. Funny how you put the Crate and Barrel ad right after Denny's.

  7. LOL! Your signs always make me chuckle. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Ha! Those are great. I think the Procrastinate Now sign needs to go on my blog. It's become my creed. :))

  9. Good ones and love that Denny's sign! Thanks for the laughs and for stopping by!

  10. So funny - - I too laughed out loud at the Denny's one!

  11. HAVE MILK! HAVE MILK! HAVE MILK! This grammarian salutes you and that luscious sign.

    Janie Junebug

  12. Laura- I "got" love for the grammar police, too.

    Arleen- HA! You're right. Wish I could say I did it on purpose!

    Linda- Always happy to tickle your funny bone.

    L.G.- You and me both!

    Marguerite- Thanks for the visit. Denny's food isn't anywhere near as good as YOURS.

    Judy- Sounds like a lot of us have the same opinion of Denny's.

    Janie- Always glad to make a fellow grammar stickler happy.

    Tracy- Yeah, me, too.

    Connie- Glad you enjoyed them, and thanks for stopping by!

  13. oh i did enjoy!! very good post! thanks for the laughs!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Happy Wednesday.

  14. I love the Procrastinate Now! My fav.

  15. I'm still laughing... I want a room covered in all of these (and the rest you've shown)... they should make wallpaper out of them.

  16. Momto8- Welcome aboard, dear lady. Glad you enjoyed the post. I'd be happy to pop on over to your blog and join your crew, too.

    Madeleine- I think that one's my favorite, too.

    Carrie- Heck, you and Roz are so talented, you could make that paper yourselves.

    Tina- Glad to hear it. Giggling is good for the soul.

    Y'all take care.

  17. TEE HEE

  18. Like every grammarian knows a double negative is wrong...go for the triple or GRAND SLAM!!! Thanks for the smile. Enjoyed the visit.

  19. John- Help yourself, dear!

    Debbie- Glad to provide you with a smile. Thanks for stopping by.