Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That Low-Down Lying Mirror

Thought for the day:  Who are we? The person the world sees, or the person we are inside?

"Will the real John Finklestein ... please ... stand ... up."

Remember that old TV show? It was called "To Tell the Truth", and after host Bud Collyer said that, the three contestants would pretend to stand up-sit down-stand up again, until the REAL John Finklestein finally stood up and grinned at the applauding panelists.

If somebody told the "real Susan" to stand up, to (ahem) tell the truth, I believe I'd have to tell that old lady in the mirror to stay where she is. Freeze! Don't even think about getting up.

How about you? What do you see when you look into a mirror? Does the face looking back at you match the self-image you carry around in your head? Or have you begun to recognize glimpses of your parent, or even worse, your grandparent, peering back at you through the looking glass? (Beam me up, Alice!)

Ah, don't sweat it. Happens to the best of us. Best way to avoid the annoying inconsistency is to stay away from mirrors as much as possible. Besides, they lie, you know. Especially the full-length ones in clothing store dressing rooms. (I suspect someone actually puts fun house mirrors in those places just to screw with our heads.)

I say ... embrace your youthful spirit and inner child. So what if the image in the mirror doesn't agree with what you feel?  Don't let a few wrinkles and sags get you down. (Because it's too darned hard to get back up again!) Laugh. Learn. Play. Enjoy. Carpe the hell out of the diem. 

Dare to daydream.

Have you ever gone to a high school reunion? It's true what they say. My hubby and I went to one about eighteen years ago, and you know, those other people were so old ... 

Reminds me of the story about the gal who went to a new dentist for the first time. While in the waiting room, she noticed his diploma hanging on the wall, and the name on it made her think of a handsome heartthrob with the same name that had been in her high school class. When she saw him, though, she decided he was much too old to have been her classmate. Even so, she asked if he'd attended her high school. He did. "What year did you graduate?" she asked.  "Fifty-nine," he said. "I was in your class!" she exclaimed. He looked at her closely. Then, as she described it, that ugly, wrinkled, old, fat, bald, gray, decrepit SOB asked, "What did you teach?"

Ah, if only the world could see us as we see ourselves, huh? Obviously, these critters feel right at home with their self-images ..

So, what's the real you look like? I'm kinda like that pelican with the stilts. I might be a little clumsy, and I may not be as pink and pretty as the flamingos around me, but I sure am having fun!

                                       Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.

Since I've posted this video in the past, some of you have already seen it, but whenever I think about growing older, this video pops into my mind, so I'll share it again for you new followers. Is there a song that makes you feel young? That makes you want to crank up the volume and sing along whenever you hear it? Born to Be Wild is one of those songs for me. Alas, this is a more suitable version for me these days:


  1. Delightful post. Hilarious pics. Bill Cullen? Frisson of doubt: Bill or Bud...Collyer! Cullen, "Price Is Right". One thing I know about getting older is I'm fulla frissons.

  2. oh yes........ a 28 year old farmer me thinks I am.. in reality a 50 year old with greying hair

  3. Bored, tubby, and mild? LOL! Ain't it the truth!

    I think the inner me is around 40 -- old enough to be interesting, but not so old that my joints creak. Funny thing is, I think the inner me has been about 40 for most of my life, since long before I hit (okay, whizzed past) the milestone in reality.

  4. I try to avoid puts the squash on my belief that I'm still 16 (at least while I'm sitting anyway) Love the video.

  5. I knew there was something up with those mirrors in changing rooms! I prefer to avoid mirrors and think of myself as a type of amoeba.

    Yep, you will always be young at heart, Susan. (I'll have what she's having... )

  6. The words came out of my mouth with conviction. A summer cut please. Got home, looked in the mirror... Jesus H! Who the hell is that?

  7. This post had me laughing all the way through. Too cute!

    It reminds me of the line from, 'Grosse Pointe Blank.'

    'I went to my high-school reunion. It was as if everyone had swelled.'

  8. Hi Susan .. great story line here - and so many amazing photos .. talk about crazy!

    Loved the video and I haven't seen it before .. just fun - and a good laugh .. cheers Hilary

  9. I don't go to school reunions. I wasn't that crazy about the people I went to high school with! I do feel like I don't look like the woman I see in the mirror. My mom, who's 91, says the same thing. Inside, we feel the same always, I think. The body is a temporary vehicle. :-)

  10. Wonderful post!

    Now I'm off to cover all the mirrors in the house. LOL

  11. Geo- Oh, you smartie! You're absolutely right. Bill Cullen was a regular panelist on "Truth" when Garry Moore was the host, and he even guest hosted it quite a few times, but Bud Collyer was the original host. Thanks for the correction. (I changed it in the post, too.)

    John- Those younger self-images are just dandy, until we try to pull off some physical feat we used to be able to do thirty years ago.

    Linda- Forty was a good age, for sure. My hubby threw a kick-butt party for my 40th, and that was the last big-time party we had. (Still recovering!)

    Delores- You and me both. I could get along quite well without a mirror.

    Carrie- HA! An amoeba, huh? I dunno. Paramecia are much cuter.

    Mr. C- Believe me, I'm not laughing AT you; I'm laughing WITH you. Been there, done that.

    Suze- Glad I made ya laugh. That's absolutely true about our high school reunion, though. It was absolutely freaky. Most of the women were dressed like a bunch of frumps. And even WORSE, acted like old frumps. Sheesh.

    Hilary- Bet the mirrors on your side of the ocean are big fat liars, too. Glad you liked the pics and video. Always good to share a chuckle.

    Mare- We only went to that one reunion, but it was a blast. (My hubby and I graduated together, so that made it even better.) I think you're right about us always feeling the same on the inside. And about the body being a temporary vehicle, too. Like C.S. Lewis said, "You don't have a soul; you are a soul. You have a body."

  12. Oh, gosh, there are many things in the mirror that are starting to bug me. I don't know where they came from, and I'm thinking about banning the darn things from my house.

  13. I adore the video. I am not that old lady I see in the mirror. I just graduated from high school. I weigh 103 pounds. I don't wear a bra. I don't need one. I don't go to reunions. Most of the people I remember are on the deceased list.


  14. Dianne- I know what you mean, but have a feeling your daughter wouldn't be a fan of scrapping the mirrors just yet.

    Janie- Isn't that video a trip? Only problem is, now when that song comes on the radio, there's a high probability that I might belt out the wrong words...

    Arleen- There's a certain amount of kindness in fuzzy eyesight, isn't there?

  15. Why are there no young bloggers (apart from me of course!).

  16. Cro- Ah, but you aren't the only youngster in the blogosphere. I ran into quite a few while blog-hopping for the A-Z challenge. A bunch of high-schoolers and college-aged kids, and some even younger. For the most part, I guess they simply don't hang out with those of us who are only young on the inside.

  17. I recognize the hair and the eyes in the mirror, the rest of it, not so much. Those recent pix were a wake up call; up til then I was bemoaning how old Greg was looking. Then the shot of us together- and I thought "Holy Crap! I'm old too!" :D

  18. rofl Those are great. Even if they're too close to the truth. We care dare to dream or just fake it 'til we make it. I refuse to me old as I think it's an attitude.

  19. Hey! I'm aging gracefully!!

    Right? :-)

    As are you, my friend!


  20. Yes, my mom looks out from the mirror more and more. Now who the woman is with the dark circles under her eyes and the too full chin....haven't figured that one out yet. I figure as long as I don't take anyone I see too seriously and my husband keeps looking at me with love in his eyes, that is enough!

  21. Donna- Yeah, old age really is a state or mind. An attitude. An attitude that would be much easier to maintain if all these kids would stop calling me Grandma!

    Pearl- But of course. Laugh lines are extremely youthful.

  22. Hi, Amy. Not sure why, but your comment ended up in the spam folder. Glad I found it! My mother started looking back at me from the mirror quite a few years ago. Now, I see more of my grandmother in there. (Kinda nice, actually. I've missed her!) And yeah, my husband seems to be blind to my flaws, too. Thank goodness.

  23. I used to look more like my mum. As I age I see my dad looking back at me from the mirror.