Friday, April 20, 2012

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Thought for the day:  There once was a lady named Wright who could travel much faster than light. She departed one day in a relative way and returned on the previous night.

[THEME: Amateur radio]

Nope, I'm not gonna talk about relativity. I just like that little ditty. Gonna talk about something else.

Most amateur radio operators use UHF and VHF  FM  to chat with other hams in their own community. These frequencies aren't intended for long-distance communications, but are quite effective, and fun, for localized nets and chatting. One downside? It's line-of-sight communications.

That means, if there's stuff ... be it buildings, a forest, a mountain, etc ... between us, I can't talk to you.

Not radio to radio, anyway. That's simplex operation.

But we can extend communications considerably with a REPEATER. 
A repeater receives signals on one frequency,  and retransmits them on another frequency. The higher the repeater is located, the more it extends communications capabilities for amateurs in the area. You and I could be on opposite sides of a mountain, but with a repeater on top of that mountain, we wouldn't have any trouble at all chatting on the radio.

[I'm gonna be hanging out with friends from Friday until Monday, so instead of vegging in front of the computer, I'll be sipping wine, swapping lies, laughing myself silly, and playing games for the next four days. (Thank goodness for auto-posting!) Sorry I won't be visiting any of your blogs, but I always appreciate the great comments you guys and gals leave here, and will respond to them asap. Seeya next week!]


  1. Sounds like the ideal weekend. Enjoy!

  2. Re:"...sipping wine, swapping lies, laughing myself silly..."

    Ah, that's the sort of multi-tasking I understand. Have a good time!

  3. Auto-posting really is a beautiful thing! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Have a great weekend.

  5. Do former ham radio operators count? Because I hugged one of those this morning. In fact, I slept with him last night. ;)

  6. Another insightful post. And I will miss your insightful comments on my posts, today and tomorrow.

    I have a dentist appointment, first thing this morning, but I logged on to quickly interact with you before I go have a crown placed on a broken tooth with a temporary!

    Take that as a wonderful compliment, have an absolutely fantastic weekend and I am so glad the A - Z gave me the chance to meet you.


  7. Like always, a wonderful post!

    And your weekend sounds absolutely fabulous!!! Enjoy!

  8. Hanging out with friends, sipping wine, laughing and playing games - sounds like a good plan to me. Wish I had a plan this weekend. I think I will be weeding instead. Woo-hoo.

  9. As always, I learn things here. Have fun with your friends.

  10. Susan, took me a day or two to get over to your site as I've had the flu. This is wonderful! My husband is a "hammie" and I will send him the link to your site. Should have known from the moment I read the title, that it was "our kind of place!" Very informative, fun interesting. Great to be a new follower and hope you enjoy your weekend!

  11. I always love the cartoons. Have so much fun!!!!

  12. Hi Susan .. oooh is there a Ham out there to hug? excellent .. send him over to this HAMB!! Cheers Hilary

  13. Thanks for leaving your comments while I was off playing hooky in Tennessee. I really appreciate it.

    Cro- It absolutely WAS an ideal weekend.

    Geo- Yeah, my kinda multi-tasking, too. And we did it SO well!

    Stephanie- You've got that right! If not for the auto-posting capability, I'm not sure I would've participating in the A-Z at all.

    Delores- Thanks. (We did!)

    Linda- Of COURSE former hams count! Y'all can make as many (ahem) contacts as you'd like.

    Carrie- Thanks. Three out of the four of us are hams. And we ate honey baked ham. Does that make us cannibals?

    Suze- Aw, how sweet! You really know how to make me feel good, lady. I'm truly glad I got to meet you through the A-Z, too. Hope your tooth is doing better.

    Chris- Thanks. It WAS fabulous. As long as we don't think about how little sleep we got ...(Not sure, but I think we're all getting a little old to be sitting up until 4:30 in the morning every night.)

    Arleen- It was a great plan. Hey! Look on the bright side. At least your gardens are weeded now. Mine aren't.

    Liza- Glad to hear it. Thanks. We sure did.

    Amy- Glad to hear your hubby is a ham. (I trust you gave him that hug!) Sorry to hear you had the flu, but glad you made it over to say howdy, and to sign on as a new follower. I do appreciate it. Welcome aboard!

    Tracy- Good to know. Maybe I'll have to consider sprinkling more cartoons into future posts. Thanks.

    Hilary- Oooh, I's sure there is. You just have to find him. Cheers.