Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Time

Thought for the day:  A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. [William Arthur Ward]


Some people hate 'em. Not me. Means we made it through another weekend and are jumping... or, um, sliding ... into a brand new week.

Today's good. As usual, I hopped ... okay, rolled... outta bed before the, uh ....

 But, I've been so scattered lately, I don't know if I'm coming or going...

               Hmmm,  must mean it's time to chill with the family for a while...

Besides, my hubby and I will be celebrating our 43rd anniversary in a few days. (Honest, I was a mere zygote when we got hitched.) So, who knows? Maybe we should ...

                                                  Or, ooooh! Maybe I should fix him  ...

            And while I'm taking a break, maybe I'll have more time to... um ... read?

                      Or to contemplate deep, important matters of the world, like...

Aw, who am I kidding? The next couple weeks is gonna be all about family.

                                               So, I'll be starting each new day with a bang...

                                 One thing I WON'T be doing is hanging out on the computer...

As ol' Arnie Schwartzenegger said, "I'll be Bach."  But for now, I'm outta here. It's family time. I'll see you guys and gals sometime next month. Until then, take care of yourselves. And each other.

                                                      LIFE IS GOOD. (Even Mondays!)


  1. Aww....happy anniversary...enjoy your time together.

  2. Happy hiatus! And best wishes on your anniversary.

  3. That car is fantastic. Seriously.

    Happy Anniversary. What is the traditional 43rd gift anyway? Is it a quirky comment on a blog post? Because if it is, I could actually do that for you.

    But if it's something like emeralds, you're out of luck. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Have a great time.

    We'll miss you while you're gone.

  5. wow. That is a long time to be married to one person. You guys are LUCKY!

    Enjoy your time away and omg I love the plate :)

  6. Sus, my wedding anniversary is coming up, too!

    May you have a wonderful time with your family and it will be lovely to see you when you come back round.

    Cute sign-off post.

  7. Aww. Happy Anniversary! Nice to know someone who's been married longer than I have. ;)

  8. We all need time away from the computer for awhile. When you come back you will have new ideas and be invigorated by the time away and the opportunity of new adventures. We will miss you Susan, but we know that when you return, there will be new stories, full of fun, that you will share with us.

    Congratulations on 43 years with the same guy. From your posts I know they have been good ones. We are celebrating 45 years this June, ( I was a child), and the secret to this is that we both have hearing difficulties.

  9. Enjoy your time!!

    And the vowel cartoon is hilarious. Love it!

  10. Awesome post!

    Have a great time!

  11. Have fun with your family. Happy anniversary. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Awww. ENJOY!
    And happy anniversary!!

  13. Happy anniversary! My gift to you is a potholder/towel! Yes, you are one of the winners of the Adventures in the Ballpark quiz! I didn't see an email in your info., so I'm notifying you here. Please email me your kitchen colors and a mailing address. Thank you for playing! An anniversary and a kitchen towel...does it get any better? :-)

  14. Delores- Thanks. Seeya next month. (in a manner of speaking)

    Mr. C- Thank you, dear sir.

    Geo- Happy hiatus ... yeah, I like that. Thanks.

    Juli- Isn't that car too cool? And yes, I do believe a quirky comment is the perfect gift. (Emeralds don't go all that well with shorts and sandals.)

    Connie- Thanks. Y'all don't have to "miss" me, but I hope you don't forget me...

    Marcy- It sure doesn't FEEL like 43 years, but it's taken more stubborn determination than luck, I think. Like that plate, huh? Surprise your hubby with it. Guaranteed to generate some laughs.

    Suze- Well, I hope you have a wonderful anniversary, too. And many many more of them.

    Linda- Glad to help make ya feel young. I could feel young, too, if only my sons would have the decency to dye their gray hair for me ...

    Arleen- Thanks for the sweet words. It's really amazing how our husbands had the foresight to claim us when we were so young, huh? I hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary, too. Bad hearing? There's a lot of truth to that. I have some hearing loss, and he has ridiculously keen hearing, but it's very selective, if ya know what I mean.

    Dianne- Thanks. Glad you liked that cartoon.

    Janie- Thanks. We're sure gonna try.

    Dana- Thanks! Glad ya liked it.

    Jessica- Thank you, ma'am. I do appreciate it.

    Jennifer- Thanks.

    Mare- Woo HOO! This must be my lucky day. Thank you so much.

  15. First off, Happy Anniversary, I don't see you needing to renew your vowels, maybe just review consonant blends.
    Those photographs were amazing, really. A great post.
    See 'ya.

  16. Anthony- Thank you, dear sir. Yeah, we've gotta keep our promises consonant, too.

  17. happy anniversary! what an amazing 43 years you must have had together:)

  18. 43 years of marriage is amazing (especially these days!). Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Susan!

    I enjoyed quite a bit of laughter reading your post. I love how you combine your humorous writing with just the right photo. :)

  19. Have a great time with your family. Love those pictures. see ya!

  20. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Sorry I didn't get here sooner. You must have been a "mere zygote" to have been married for 43 years! Enjoy your well deserved break! Julie

  21. happy anniversary...and happy days!!

  22. Happy, happy Anniversary!!! I hope you are having a fantastic time with family! Hugs.

  23.'re it!!

  24. For some reason, your previous blog was displaying on my blog list and I didn't see that you had posted this! I came in to leave you a message, but now I see you are busy having fun, family time... and that's awesome. But I'll still leave you a message anyway. Here it is. :) Later gater! Hope you're having a whale of a time.

  25. Hi-ya. I'm officially back home now, but am dragging my feel a little about ending this break. Some things are simply meant to be savored. Be back on the blogosphere soon. Honest.

    Nutschell- Thank you. It has indeed been an amazing 43 years. Can't believe how fast they've flown by.

    Intricate- Thanks. Glad to have made you smile. Much better to leave on a happy note than to tick y'all off.

    Rosalind- Thank you. I had an amazing time with the family. And I'm not positive, but I think my hubby and I may very well have consumed our weight in crab meat while we were in Maryland.

    Al- Thank you, dear sir. I am!

    Julie- That's absolutely right. A mere zygote. Thanks. I've been enjoying the break tremendously.

    Annmarie- Thank you!

    Tracy Jo- Thank you. We had an awesome time with our family in Maryland. (Now, I'm in dire need of a grandchildren "fix"...)

    Delores- Thanks for the tag, but I'm not quite ready to start playing again just yet. I do appreciate the thought, though.

    CarrieBoo- Thanks. We did have a whale of a time. Ate so much crab meat, I think we're starting to grow claws! After while, crocodile...

  26. HA! Oops, actually I'm dragging my FEET, not my FEEL. Just because I feel like it ...

  27. Happy anniversary. The cartoon was hilarious.

  28. Ah, I see you got the same spam as I did from olmpic station park. Quite a writer he/she/computer this blogger is.

  29. Anthony- Thanks, Glad ya liked it. Be back soon.

    Arleen- Thanks for the heads up. Now I can exile that nefarious comment to the netherworld! See ya soon. Probably next Wednesday. Gonna spend a long weekend with some of the grands. (We're in dire need of a "fix".)

  30. Just wanna say... I miss you! But glad you're having such a good time with family, and a well-earned break.

  31. Hi, Carrie & T G's M- Thanks so much! I was starting to think when I came back, nobody'd even notice. Reeeeally nice to feel "missed." (sniff) Will jump back in on Wednesday. You guys rock.

  32. OMG 43 years?!!! You need a telegraph from the Queen or something. Congratulations! Love all the pics. Great post and hope you had a wonderful break.

  33. What a great post. Love the smiling cool.

    And I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!!!!!!

  34. Claire- HA! Thanks. Alas, the Queen forgot me this year. Maybe she'll do better next year.

    Jay- Thanks. We sure did.