Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky Sevens

Thought for the day:  Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.   Buddha

Well, I don't know if seven is actually lucky or not, but it's a pretty darned good number for me today, because this particular seven means I'm not scraping the bottom of my mind to come up with a topic for today's post. The delightful Ruby of Blabbin' Grammy has tapped me on the shoulder again, passed on a couple of awards, and provided me with a made-to-order seven-pronged topic. All I have to do is tell you seven things you don't already know about me, and then pass the challenge on to three other bloggers. Here are the awards:

Pretty cool, huh? (Now, you're all hoping I pick YOU for these awards, right?)

Most bloggers simply write seven brief statements to fulfill the "rules of the game," and then go on to the "real" subject of their post for the day, and that's fine, but I'm gonna cheat. Instead of simply spitting them out and going on to something else, I'm gonna expand on them a bit, and let that serve as today's subject(s). (See? Lucky!)

So, here we go.

1.  The poor wasp was trapped in a mud puddle, alive, but just barely, and his infrequent movements were feeble and ineffective. So I did what seemed like a great idea to my 8-year-old mind. Scooped him out of the water, cradled him in the palm of my hand, and gently blew on him to dry his fragile wings. Worked, too. Before he flew away, I'd like to say he thanked me somehow. I'd like to say he did an intricate little butt-wiggling wasp dance just for me, but he actually did exactly what wasps are wont to do. The little ingrate stung me. It didn't make me regret helping him, but it did serve to deliver me an early warning: Do whatever good you can in life, but be prepared to receive the occasional sting.

2. As part of my job in medical research, I used to operate on mice. How cool is that? We had tiny wooden operating tables with an eye bolt on each corner, so we could secure all four limbs. Ether was administered from a soaked swatch of gauze inside of a tiny beaker, which rested over the mouse's snout. Really cool. Also used to make periodic trips to the local abatoir to pick up the occasional bucket of cow eyes on ice. ("Why, yes, I'll have them to go, thank you ...") And to the morgue to pick up various specimens. (No wonder I have such a weird sense of humor!)

3. I used to be an avid bowler, and at one time, bowled on three leagues every week, two handicapped, and one scratch. Best game I ever rolled was a 261, but I blew the game by opening in the tenth frame. Only needed a mediocre score in the third game that night to break my first 600 series, but I didn't do it. Barely managed to break a hundred. That's me ...  Mrs. Consistent. One interesting lesson I gleaned from bowling, though. My average was always higher in the scratch league than it was in the handicapped ones. Perhaps it's human nature to rise to the level of one's competition? Or maybe if we expect more of ourselves, we're more likely to deliver.

4. For my fortieth birthday, a bunch of our fabulous friends pooled their money to treat me to a glamour make-over with Liz Claibourne. Yeah, I know, right? What awesome friends! Anyway, this make-over included a hair cut and style, massage, manicure, facial and make-up, the whole works. Even got a fancy schmancy lunch, complete with a flower and glass of wine. Talk about pampered! When the overhaul was complete, I barely recognized myself. The areas above my eyes and upper lip were blood red and sore as all get-out, thanks to the oh-so-delightful waxing Ms. Claibourne recommended. (Never, never, NEVER again!) Looked like the make-up had been smeared on with a trowel, but hey! It was different! The hairdo was a bit fussier than my usual  run-a-comb-through-it-and-go style, and it was as stiff and hard as a motorcycle helmet. But again, different. Before I left, the people who'd worked so hard on me all day wanted to know where I was going that night to show off my new look. To tell the truth, I'm not sure they believed me, but what can I say? It was bowling night.

5. A friend and I broke my parents' bed by jumping on it. She (the chicken!) headed for the back door, and I headed to the basement to find some nails. The monsters I hammered into that bed frame were four inches long or better, and I used a mess of them, too. Fixed that bed but good. But unfortunately ...  not for long. In the middle of the night, a loud KABOOM came from my parents' bedroom. When the cursing started, I didn't exactly wet myself, but I did lay in my bed with eyes wide and heart pounding, saying my we-who-are-to-die prayers. But ...  nothing happened. Even when they discovered those ridiculously over-sized nails, they never ever suspected me. Years later, I finally told them the truth. I was married, had a kid, and figured the statute of limitations should have me in the clear by then. Besides, I was moving seven hundred miles away the next day.

6. I took two belly dancing courses. I know. Shocking, right? The first turned out to be more of an exercise class than anything, but it was fun. The instructor claimed that in the next semester's advanced class, we'd make costumes, learn an actual routine, and then perform at the nursing home. Didn't happen. It was another fun class, but it was merely a continuation of the first. No costumes. No routine. And no nursing home, which, in retrospect, is probably a very good thing.

7. Our church group DID visit the local nursing home. The idea was to throw them a St. Patty's Day party, and I was drafted to serve as the entertainment. No, I didn't jiggle my belly at them. I played the guitar and sang,  mostly Irish songs, but also a liberal sprinkling of old-time tunes and hymns, as well. While I was singing one of the old hymns, I couldn't help but notice the gentleman who was sitting there with his eyes half-closed, and tears streaming down his face. Concerned that I'd upset him somehow, I spoke with him later. Turned out he was a retired minister, and hadn't heard that hymn in many, many years. So, his tears were those of joy and remembrance. (which is more than I can say if I'd been performing my klutzy version of a belly dance!)

Well, there ya have it. And now,  I'd like to pass the two lovely awards, along with the request to tell us seven things about themselves, to DeloresJulie, and Skippy The ball's in your court, ladies!

How about the rest of you? If you don't have any comments to make about MY seven secrets, how about sharing at least one thing about yourself?

Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.


  1. Something you don't know about me? That would be practically here goes...I was ALMOST in a play once but the director passed away and it all fell through. I was sorry he passed on and relieved the play fell through.

  2. #4 reminds me of the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois lets one of the teenage store clerks put make-up on her. Lois thinks she looks like a bimbo, but all the male customers (and the manager) are suddenly more friendly to her and her husband Hal ravishes her when she goes home! LOL!

  3. LOL! Oh, my. I don't know what has me giggling harder -- the makeover waxing, or the fact that you went bowling afterward. I love that!

  4. Oh, Susan, what great stories...and I, too, was guffawing out loud reading some of them and crying with the old gentleman remembering the songs (I am quite easy to cry lately). You are a natural storyteller. Thank you so very much!
    Love, your friend, Ruby

  5. Karla- I can understand why you might have felt a teensy bit relieved about the play pooping out, but aren't you a teensy bit sorry you never got the chance to strut your stuff on stage ... just ONCE? (Psssst! It isn't too late!)

    Dianne- Make-up I don't mind; in fact, I usually wear what I consider to be a reasonable amount. But that peacock blue eye shadow and thick layer of crap suffocating my face was a bit much for me ... not to mention, for the bowling alley!

    Linda- I looked freaking ridiculous. Go ahead! Laugh at my pain ...

  6. This was much better than all of the Tony acceptance speeches from last night's telecast combined! I am honored that you are sharing these awards with me! You are a tough act to follow. Thanks for thinking of me. Julie

  7. Hi, John. I believe this is the first time you've stopped by for a visit, and it's quite a trip from Wales. So thank you, dear sir. Just checked your bio, and loved reading about your menagerie of animals. (Bet you're familiar with James Herriot books!)

    Grammy- Glad you enjoyed the stories. Sometimes, it doesn't take much to make me cry, either, but I like to say it's a sign of a soft heart, not a soft head. HA! Take care.

  8. Aw shucks, Julie. You have a wicked sense of humor, and a great way with words, so I'm honestly looking forward to your "post of sevens". Thanks for calling me a tough act, though ... I'm not sure anybody's ever called me a "tough" anything before. (Time to play "Born to Be Wild" and get into my bad-ass state of mind ...)

  9. have referred to me as Karla and left a note on my blog informing me that I, as Karla, have an award. I think you have notified the wrong person. Hope you find your Karla.

  10. The bed one had me rolling - My sister did that to my folks bed and then tried to fix it with encyclopedias [no kidding] She was out of the house the night I heard the "Ka Boom" and my parents forced me to tell what happened. She had actually been trying to jump on my cat when she broke the bed [kind of mean of her] so I didn't feel too bad giving her up. giggle

    Thank you for the lovely awards - I don't know what I haven't already said on my blog, but I will try to think of something :D

    I got the keyboard fixed! Yippee!

  11. re your No 4. I have a friend who was offered a similar make-over in London, complete with photo-shoot. She ended up looking totally different, and now uses her 'clown-like' photo on Facebook.... we all laugh our socks off when we see it. If only she knew.

    One of my grandsons nailed some torn wallpaper back onto the wall!

  12. I took a belly dancing class too - not a pretty sight. LOL :D

  13. Love the bed story. Something I would do.
    Also didn't know you knew Irish songs. Haven't heard many myself in such a long time.

  14. My Baby John- Ooooooops! Nope, I definitely meant YOU; I just boogered up your name. Sorry about that. (In case you hadn't noticed, I've been calling you "Karla" for a long time .. even wrote "Thank you, Karla" under that nifty humor award you gave me.) I don't even remember how I picked that up as your name, but I obviously messed up royally. I am soooooooo sorry. But YOU are definitely the one I wanted to pass those awards to, dear lady.

    Skippy- Glad to make you giggle. And three cheers for the fixed keyboard!

    Cro- Poor thing. Maybe she figures the "glamour" cost so much money, she's gonna darned well put it on display for the world to see. For most women, "glamour" translates to "ridiculous." Oh, nailing the wallpaper down ... now, that's a good one, too.

    Sam- But it was FUN, wasn't it?

    Anne- No Irish in the blood, but definitely a lot of Irish songs in the repertoire. If you haven't heard any for a while, it sounds to me like you need to start singing.

  15. Thank you so very much for the awards...I am honoured indeed. Not sure if there ARE seven things anyone would WANT to know about me but I'll do my best.

  16. I really love this quote. Thank you for sharing it.

  17. I really loved this quote. Thank you for sharing it.

  18. My Baby John- My pleasure. Looking forward to reading your seven.

    Florida- Glad you liked it. Glad you liked it. (HA!)