Monday, July 16, 2012

For Faithful Friends, Part IV

Thought for the day:  The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog. [George Graham]

This is the fourth, and final, post I'll be doing to depict the incredible loyalty of dogs. (At least for now.) No wonder they're called man's best friend, huh?

In the picture is our son Tony as a youngster, along with his Springer spaniel Dumpling, a super gentle dog, and a super duper Frisbee player.

Now, then, ready to look at our last batch of pictures?

There is  no faith that has yet been unbroken except that of a truly faithful dog. [Konrad Lorenz]

This is a picture of our last dog, Buck. After Dumpling died, I was considering going to the shelter to find a Boxer to adopt, until one of the fellas on our bowling league told me his sad story. When he saw a van stop by the river, toss a puppy out the door, and then take off, he picked up the puppy  and took it home with him. The problem was, he lived in an apartment, and his landlord gave him two choices: get rid of the dog, or move out. 

So, he wanted to bring the pup over to our house. Just so I could meet him. Right. We ended up having that pup... and loving  him... for almost seventeen years. Buck was the first pet I had to carry to the vet for that awful last visit. By that time, he could barely walk, couldn't see or hear very well, and had what I'd equate to dementia. Still, on that last trip to the vet, he and I stopped at the park for one last visit. I had to lift him out of the car, but he managed to walk to the bench, and he sat beside me, almost like old times. Seemed happy to be there, but it was almost as though he knew this would be the last time. So trusting. So loyal. Broke my heart. But it was the right thing to do.

And, dammit, I still miss him.

                                  Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.

Uh-oh, my cats have been reading over my shoulder, and had a few choice words about all this dog talk. So, better give them a little loving here. Best cats ever! Okay, they're happy now. All they wanted is a little more respect from their staff.


  1. These photos are gorgeous. I grew up with the best dog ever. Well, I thought she was awesome, despite the fact she did little but chase the cat, eat all the food, and lie around ;)

  2. That is such a sweet picture of Tony, Sus--perfect opener.

    I have had and loved both a cat and a dog as pets -- Jethro, a tabby, and Archie Bunks, a docile, almost saintly German Shepherd.

  3. Lynda- Dogs don't really have to "do" anything for us to think they're awesome. For one thing, they almost always think WE'RE awesome, and that right there is pretty irresistible. But there's something so reassuring and comforting about their solid presence, even if they're just lying around or chasing the cat.

    Suze- Thanks. Not sure Tony would agree. I can almost hear him making fun of those ugly tube socks he's wearing in that picture.

  4. You're so right about dogs thinking we're great.

    Though we did have one black Lab who thought that we were all her puppies. She was the bossiest dog I've ever met. And we loved her for it.

  5. Oh gosh, your story of Buck-I can so relate and have tears in my eyes.

    It has long been known that having a pet increases the quality and length of your life. Losing them though hurts so much.

  6. I hear you on the final visit. I've had to bury all our dogs. It's a sad day to be sure. We think they'll live forever, but they don't.

  7. Awww...I'm such a dog lover too. Trying to decide what kind to get now.

  8. What a touching my post! SO up my alley. (I have three dogs and a cat who thinks he's a dog). There is nothing like having a dog greet you at the door, happily acting like a fool just because you're home! It's the best self-esteem boost.

  9. Beautiful pictures, and once more many of them bring a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Enough already. Can't start the day teary eyed.

  11. Connie- I like the image of your Lab treating you like her pups. The only time any of our pets ever got bossy was around eating time. (Our pussy cats turn into downright pushy cats.)

    Arleen- As much as it hurts to lose them, I can't imagine not having any pets. It's impossible to feel lonely when a friendly little pet nose is nuzzling your hand.

    Anne- Yeah, our backyard is full of pets we've lost over the years. Burying them is always hard, but the hardest thing for me is actively making that decision to let them go. (Good to have you back in the blogosphere!)

    Jennifer- If you go to the pet shelter, I'll bet one of the dogs there helps you make the decision.

    Honey- We used to have a Persian cat who thought he was a dog. He and Buck followed me around the house like my own personal entourage. Yep, definitely good for the self-esteem.

    Dianne- Glad ya liked 'em. I'll stop now.

    Mr. C- Okay. Done.

  12. So sweet. I've never had my own dog, but I'm always impressed by them, such sincere, faithful animals.

    Unlike the kittehs, who rifle through your purse while you sleep...



  13. Pearl- HA! Yeah, cats do show a wee bit more attitude.

  14. You and Buck made me cry. I know he had a great life with you, and at the end you did him a kindness, difficult though it was.

  15. Heartwarming post, Susan. I have no dog right now. I have books. But I couldn't live without dogs and books at the same time. Here's where I trot out my favorite Marx quote:"Outside of a dog a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." --Groucho.

  16. Love the ones w/ the G.Is. But all are sweet. Dogs are the best.

  17. Linda- It's a tough decision, but when the time is right, we know. We don't wanta know, but we know.

    Geo- I love that Marx quote, too, but couldn't find the right place to use it in this post. Geo to the rescue!!!

    Mare- Now you're gonna tick my cats off again. (They're always watching, ya know.)

  18. We had a "Buck" when I was a kid. The memory still stings.

    Great post! :)

  19. Good job. Now I'm crying. Thanks a hell of a lot.

    Janie, who loves her doggie men and misses the ones who have gone to Heaven

  20. Our two went missing yesterday, they were eventually found, about 5 miles away, locked in someone's courtyard.

  21. DL- Buck is such a good strong name for a dog, isn't it? But as big and strong as our Buck was, he was a sweet ol' softie who thought he was a lap dog.

    Janie- Sorry. (You're welcome?)

    Cro- Boy, that must've given you quite a scare. I'm glad your boys are back home where they belong again.