Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All's Fayre

Thought for the day:  Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.  [Erma Bombeck]
Trust me. I'm your doctor.

Once, I made the foolish mistake of letting my husband talk to the doctor by himself. Yeah, I know. Dumb, huh? Weeks later...  after he'd painted our entire fence, gone bowling with his pals, and shot innumerable games of pool in our basement... I heard the doctor tell him it was okay to get out of bed now.

Doggone it, I let it happen again.

This past Friday, Smarticus had a minor in-office procedure done, and rather than sitting around waiting for him, he suggested I get a flu shot. You guessed it. He was in and out long before I got the darned shot. He ended up talking to the doctor by himself, and then strolling over to wait for me.

Told me he was supposed to take it easy over the weekend. Said he could take Tylenol or drink adult beverages if he experienced any pain.

The next day, he only worked in his garage for ... a little while. And he only ran ... a couple errands. Said he felt great, and we should go spend a...  little time at the British Car Fayre. No point in arguing with him. I grabbed my camera, and off we went.

The British Car Fayre, held in our little town every year, features just about every kind of British-made vehicle you can imagine, and plenty of them. Plenty of people to see them, too. There were some four-legged visitors, too. The owner of these little guys assured me that they aren't at all spoiled.

There were a number of the expected motorcycles there, as well as this rather unusual one. Best we could figure, it was like a rat rod of the two-wheeled variety.

One area was filled with Land Rovers, but this was the only one with a tent on top. Looks like a pretty neat way to go camping, doesn't it?

I say... does anyone recognize this dapper fellow?

The old MGs are nice, but dontcha LOVE the old house?

The show isn't ALL about cars, ya know. There's gotta be music, too

Lots of people seemed to enjoy the fish and chips prepared out front of the pub, but I couldn't get past the overpowering smell of cooking oil. (The malt vinegar sure smelled good, though.)

A Morgan, my favorite. These things absolutely ooze class.

Would you believe this little three-wheeler is a Morgan, too? Not sure, but I think it's called a Triking.

Did you realize the ultra-sleek Lotus is a British-made car? I must admit, I didn't.

This is a very early model Lotus race car.

Alas, the flux capacitor was missing.

This is a 1928 Riley Brooklands. (I never heard of them before, either.)

We were just starting to look at the Roll Royces when the sky opened up. I am talking RAIN. Serious rain. We had a big umbrella. In the car, of course. And a couple ponchos. Also in the car. So, like a lot of other people, we slipped into one of the shops until the worst of it passed.

When it rains, I let it.  [113-year old man, when asked for the secret to his longevity.]

After we got home, Smarticus started talking trash about maybe going out to his garage to do a little more work.

So, what can I say?  I had little choice.

Doggone it, it was time for me to take action, people! I decided right there and then the only way I was gonna make his butt take it easy was to ... have a party! That's right. Trip the light fantastic, baby. Invite some friends, fill the cooler with beer and ice, and put the cooler right there beside his spot on the love seat...

                                                  He agreed. Enthusiastically, too.

                                                And we invited a hand-picked thirty-six.

I'm not sure how much fun they had, but it's fayre to say we had a fine time. And he... took it easy.

                               Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your hubby! I love his pet name by the way! It was nice of you to work so hard at letting him take it easy! Hope he is feeling well, and you are not too exhausted! Julie

  2. Delightful fayre and photos, Susan. But I kept looking for Morris. A friend had one of the '60's Minor incarnations and used to drive me home from night classes in college. She never let me take the wheel. As to your husband, along with hanging onto you, he seems to know what's good for him --I hire out any heavy work on our '71 VW bus now, but tinker for therapy and diagnose conclusively. Same as doctors do for us men.

  3. The Morgan is Lady Magnon's favourite car... she keeps asking for one!

    I've actually driven a Morgan 3-wheeler; wonderful.

    The red lotus is just a Super 7; still made today and very popular with 65 year old posers.

  4. Awesome cars! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  5. Great pictures and what beautiful cars! It looks like a lot of fun and no wonder your husband didn't want to miss it!

    But are you sure you aren't going to get a phone call from his doctor today saying he's now allowed to get out of bed???

  6. Not so sure about the tent atop the Rover lass. 'Twould be awfully hard on me when I stroll out for my midnight pee.

  7. Never let a man go to a doctor by himself....they only hear what they want. You blub blub blub blub fine.

  8. You got him to the doctors?! That's a small feat. What a way to get him to relax... that's some smart thinking. Quite the little party group you got there. And I have to admit, the cars would be neat to see (those bikes are pretty cool), but I'll take that old house in the background.

  9. That looks like so much fun! Love the pics of the cars, especially the old ones. Now, there was some style!

  10. You sure know how to make a day out sound like the best time. And yes, I adore the old house, reminds me of the one I grew up in *sigh* But what a shame the Delorean was missing the flux capacitor (did I spell that right?); just think where you and Smarticus could've gone next :)

  11. My not quite Smarticus has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. He was hospitalized for four days over our vacation and is off to see a specialist tomorrow. He is insisting that I not go with him and that is making me very nervous. I know it is best for two people to hear the doctor's assessment and I am hoping he will change his mind and let me tag along.

  12. Julie- Oh, it was a lot of fun. And my hubby was just fine. Steaming crabs is my way of throwing him in the briar patch.

    Geo- There were a bazillion, give or take, Morris minis of various kinds at the show. I just didn't take any pictures of them. (Not real high on my WOW-o-meter.) As for my hubby, he has a shirt that says, "I've been a very bad boy. Send me to my garage." Not only does he enjoy building cars out there, but it's his sanctuary. (A man's house is his castle, but his garage is his sanctuary.)

    Cro- Your wife has super taste, doesn't she? (Better start saving your pennies... um, euros.) Very neat that the Super 7 is still made. Guess that makes me a poser, too, because I loved it.

    Beach Bum- We sure did. All we lacked was a stretch of beach nearby.

    Dianne- HA! I think I'm pretty safe this time. It really WAS a minor procedure.

    Mr. C- Haven't you ever heard of a milk jug?

    Delores- You've got that right. And they NEVER ask the right questions.

    CarrieBoo- Smartacus actually made the appointment without any prodding from me. (Now, I'm the one who never wants to go...)We have a lot of beautiful old houses around here. Maybe I'll devote a post to showing some more of them sometime.

    Linda- Definitely. There were some Jaguars there that really made me scratch my head. Lots of gorgeous ones, but there was also some four-door mundane sedan models. Very generic looking. If somebody's gonna spend all that moolah on a Jaguar, why in the world would they pick one that looks like half the other cars on the road? Like I said, a real head-scratcher.

    Marcy- Are you say I "spin" a good tale? Maybe I should've gone into politics. Yeah, if that delorean could've made even a little leap into the future, we could've hopped right past the election, so we could skip all the robo-calls and trash ads.

    Arleen- I urge you, if at all possible, to go with your hubby tomorrow. The visit my hubby had last week was easy-peezy, and we knew going in that it was no big deal. Your husband going to a specialist IS a big deal. He might not think he wants you there to hold his hand, but if you want the straight story, I suggest that you go hear it with your own ears.

  13. What? No flux capacitor?! What kind of De Lorean was that??

    I have to admit those flashy pink and cherry MGs kinda outshine the house.

    You and your husband are such fun people, Sus!

  14. Suze- I know! I mean, why even bother to BRING a "broken" delorean, right? Thanks. We try.

  15. Thanks for the post, Susan, especially the quotes. The rain one was timely. :)

  16. What a great show!
    Fresh crab, yummmmm!

  17. Linda- Glad ya liked it. Sounds like a bit of rain may be falling in your area, huh? (Oh, just sing in it!)

    Al- It was a great show, and the crabs were terrific.

  18. Ooo, I want a Morgan!!

    In my experience, getting a husband to take it easy requires a high fever, serious infection, and dehydration. But next time, I'll try the beer and friends.

  19. I never heard of a Riley before! Those're some great cars, girl. And I could never get my husband to take it easy- if the doc said to.
    And man! where'd you get so many crabs?

  20. Fabulous cars. Top drawer.


  21. There's just something about British cars, or really anything preceded by "British." It just naturally sounds classy and highbrow.

    My former boss was British; he could insult people with a straight face and they'd admire his intelligence.

  22. Connie- Me, too, as soon as I win the lottery. (They're reeeeeally expensive.) Yep, beer and crabs do the trick every time. Eating them isn't considered a meal; it's more of a multi-hour event.

    Laura- Aren't they super neat looking? We have a lot of international markets around here, and most of them sell live crabs. (YAY!)

    Janie- You betcha. We don't have any interest in bottom drawers.

    Pixel- I know what you mean about the British form of insults. Makes me think of Winston Churchill. He was the absolute BEST at delivering classy insults.

  23. I like the old house as much as the cars too :)

    It is hard for me to take it easy at times but well worth it once you do.

  24. Jimmy- The old houses around here are really something. Yes, indeed, nothing like taking it easy... once we make ourselves do it. Thank you for stopping by, dear sir. I do appreciate it.

  25. hi Susan .. seeing as you are such fundis - Wiki has some information on this iconic motor racing circuit and aerodrome at the beginning of the 1900s .. we used to live near there.

    and the Wiki link to Riley cars ..

    Both brand names known when I was a kid ..

    Cheers Hilary

  26. Hilary- Super! Thank you so much; I'll be sure to check them out. One of the best things about blogger is the way it connects people from different parts of the world and broadens our base of knowledge. Just goes to show ya just how small this world is. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

  27. Hi Susan .. glad the comment came through and you appreciated the links ..

    All's Fayre in knowledge links!!

    Delighted .. cheers Hilary

    Not sure where the cheers came in from .. but I do use it - it was different to others' signing offs - I think that's why I use it .. instead of cheerio ... an older fashioned version of bye! Cheers for now, or bye for now .. Hilary!

  28. Hilary- Yes, all's fayre, indeed. And I LOVE your "cheers". Both different ... and cheery.