Monday, September 24, 2012

Eight Ball in the Side Pocket

Thought for the day:  Isn't it amazing how much better our abilities become (in our minds) when we're looking back on them?
I started shooting pool when I was still in elementary school. My father had a pool table ... albeit a lousy pool table... in the basement, so I was able to learn how to bank, apply English, and jump balls at a pretty early age. (And have since forgotten most of those skills in my not-so-early age.) My husband and I still have a one-inch slate regulation-sized table, and we still play every now and then, but once upon a time, we played just about every evening. In those days, we were pretty darned good.  Would you like to see us in action?

Okay, so I fibbed. (OUR felt isn't blue!) 

Isn't that some of the most amazing pool shooting you've ever seen??? WOW.  I think I'd better start practicing again...

Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.


  1. Amazing vid. The young man seems unusually tolerant of his opponent's attempts to interfere with his turn. I'm almost tempted to think she's cheating. Delightful post!

  2. Those high heels have to be bad for the felt ;)
    And I wonder how many times they had to do the shot to get it right hehehe.

    I grew up with a pool table as well. Lots of fun!!

  3. WOW that looks amazing!!! I wouldn't put my body on that table, that's for sure :D

  4. Amazing! I would admittedly be very distracted if she were on my pool table......

    I haven't played pool since I was eighteen or nineteen.
    That was about ten years ago.

    Okay, twenty.

    Or was it thirty??

    Aw, hell, I can't remember.......

  5. Wow - puts a new slant on frolicking around the pool ... Highly instructive, though, and explains a lot about my own playing - you have to take that triangle thing off first, right?
    :-) Thanks for an enjoyable post!

  6. Susan, you could have fooled me; she is the spitting image of you.

  7. Wow! Truly amazing. Me, I'm just grateful if I don't scratch when I'm playing pool.

  8. Geo- Oh, you should know better, dude. Women would "never" use their charms to distract a male opponent...

    Lynda- Neat that you grew up with a pool table, too. That couple must have put in a LOT of hours to perfect those skills. Shooting pool is a lot of fun, but those two elevated it to a whole 'nother level.

    Sylvia- Me, neither. I might break it.

    Jon- Guess you don't have nerves of steel, huh? Maybe she's the guy's wife. Men are much more oblivious to feminine wiles if they're married to the gal trying to exercise them. Or so I've heard...

    Karla- HA! Frolicking around the pool is right. Glad ya enjoyed it, and yes, it is somewhat helpful to remove the rack. (Um, the triangle thingy, not the lady's appendages.)

    Arleen- Nah, she didn't run her mouth a single time...

    Linda- Calamine lotion is very useful...

  9. Okay, can I just say that the image of you shooting pool as a grade-schooler is just enormously endearing?

    Your story about you and your husband playing makes me want to get a pool table to play with my husband and daughter. Our home is fairly small and economic in its layout but my fancy wish is to have a rec room! With a pool table, dart board and juke box.

  10. Caught up on Friday's laughs... thank you! :D

    And we were just playing pool at the PIL's yesterday. My husband is too good at it and I always get annoyed at him. LOL. Same with our Fussball table dowstairs--he's too damn good. I should have wasted more hours in my youth on pool, for sure. My game is ping pong. ;)

  11. *sigh* I've never been able to shoot pool. Love the quote, by the way. :)

  12. Pool was never my strong suit but I love to play. BTW... looking sexy in that vid girl. ;>

  13. Suze- Thanks. I was a rather peculiar kid, but that's okay, because at the time, I didn't realize it. We actually built a room onto our house specifically to accommodate a pool table. There was also a dart board, a beermeister, bar stools, a great sound system, TV, fireplace, and an area for playing cards and games in the room, too. We spent many good times with friends and family in there, and I highly recommend a rec room for you, too.

    CarrieBoo- Ah, don't let your husband's skills intimidate you. The trick is a proper follow- through with the cue, and an awareness of where you want to leave the cue ball for your next shot. Relax, take your time, and I'll betcha you're whooping his butt on the table in no time.

    Linda- Different strokes. I have a feeling you could master anything you took a mind to master, so you probably don't care all that much about shooting pool. Which is fine. I'm terrible at running marathons.

    Mr. C- Oh, I'll betcha you know your way around a pool table just fine. BTW... that gal is definitely looking sexy, but (sigh) she doesn't bear much resemblance to me.

  14. I'm the world's worst pool player. It's actually dangerous for others to be in the room when I am trying to play, as I'm so uncoordinated with the stick I'm liable to take someone's eye out. I'm a menace LOL.

    Love the quote! :)

  15. Love pool. Our friend has a table in his bar above the garage. Ever Superbowl the kids play a game. Funniest part is that they tell you these completely crazy shots they are going to try to sink a ball.... and it actually works.

  16. That's some shooting. I'm surprised her heels didn't tear the felt.


  17. Julie-That's funny. Maybe you'd like bumper pool better? Or hand pool? That's how we made our kids play when they were young. No pool cue... just their hands.

    Juli- Maybe they're gonna grow up to be pool sharks, huh?

    Janie- I reckon she knew what she was doing, in more ways than one.

  18. If not for the blue felt I would have thought it was you :)

    Seriously there had to be a lot of practice to put on an impressive display like that, my wife wonders how many times the girl got herself hit before they got the shots down.

  19. Pretty amazing skills there. I have never seen anything like that. Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower. Hop on over to say hello and follow along.

  20. Jimmy- Yep, the felt color is the ONLY distinguishing characteristic. HA! Your wife is right; that gal probably got quite a few bruises in their bazillion practice sessions.

    Linda- Thanks for stopping by and for signing on as a new follower. I do appreciate it, dear lady, and I'll be stopping by your place asap.

  21. Now that's someone who knows their pool! Amazing!

  22. Madeleine- For sure!

    Al- Dontcha wish you could do that? (I do!)

  23. I've never played, or is it called shot, pool. It looks like fun though.

  24. Hey Susan,
    That was an amazing display and um right on cue, I wish to inform you that I'm desperately holding back from using any innuendoes in regards to that video.
    And with that, I'm outta' here.
    Your starstruck fan, Gary :)

  25. I had a pool table growing up, and I loved that it brought my whole family together for fun. Then when I was older, my friends wanted to come hang out at my house. I think I might need to buy something like that for my girls. After all, I like the idea of the teenagers being here rather than somewhere else. Enjoyed the post!

  26. Hi Susan- Thanks for visiting my blog.

  27. Inger- It's a LOT of fun for people of all ages.

    Gary- HA! I'll just bet you are. I can think of a few myself. Thanks for stopping by.

    Tia- Exactly! When our kids were teenagers, their friends loved to hang out at our house. That was a definite plus.

    Sharkbytes- You're quite welcome, and thanks for returning the favor.