Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enjoying the Trip Back Down

Thought for the day:  A good attitude is contagious, but for Heaven's sake, don't wait to catch it from somebody. Be a carrier.  

still smiling after all these years
Tell me please, dear friends, how can I possibly be over the hill when I don't remember ever making it to the top?

But I own a doll proclaiming it, so it must be true, right? Worse, I've already had that bloody doll for decades. Got it from one of my friends when I turned forty. To tell the truth, I didn't feel old then, and I don't feel particularly old now. So what if I'm at an age where the pain under a woman's breast may very well turn out to be a bum knee? Who cares if men my age have long since abandoned wild oats in favor of prunes and high fiber cereal, and consider Happy Hour to be a nice long nap?

Tell ya what. If I really AM over the hill, I plan on enjoying the trip back down. Squeeze as much good stuff out of it as I can. After all, like that famous dude said, I may not pass this way again.

 But you know, there's a lot of good things to say about getting older. Like we generally have the confidence to stand for more convictions, and the moxie to fall for less malarkey. We may still be competitive, but we also realize that being kind is much more important than being right. We've learned it isn't very smart to test the depth of the water with both feet, and we understand that the true art of conversation isn't just about saying the right thing at the right time. Sometimes, it means keeping our mouths shut when it's oh-so-tempting to deliver a verbal shot.

And hey, hey, hey! Looky here! Our Social Security checks are a little higher this year. 

Even though politicians are pontificating about cutting spending, about making changes to social security and medicare, we the people actually got a raise in Social Security benefits this year. See? Congress really DOES love us!  Forget all that nonsense about "death panels." There's absolutely NO TRUTH in the following clip, either. None at all.

Now, I'm not ready to take up sky diving or run off a cliff, but hey! I'm as adventurous as I've always been, doggone it. I believe I'll have me a bowl of full-fat strawberry ice cream for dessert tonight. Heck, I might even eat it FIRST. (What a rebel.)

                           Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.   Mark Twain


  1. I love what you say in the paragraph about the good things about getting older. Every single one of those is true.

    I likey! Nicely put Susan

    But I thought "over the hill" was 50? Age is not a number [to me] it is an attitude I think. :) So, as far as I am concerned I will never be over the hill.

  2. With 12 grandchildren, and all the writing you do, not to mention good deeds, you don't have time to be "over the hill!" I'm sure you'll have more energy than people half your age for many years to come! Julie

  3. Over the Hill, for me, is always Next Year.

  4. That news report is hysterical! Although, I'll bet SOMEWHERE in the deep, bowels of the capital, SOMEBODY has already suggested a more subtle version of this ...

    When my husband and I go skiing every year, we also make note of "elderly" couples we see skiing together. We want to be like them ... still going even when the hair is gray or gone.

  5. I agree -- when you're over the hill, it's time to start saying "Wheeeee...!" ;)

  6. Skippy- I have to agree with you that age is more an attitude than a number. (But it'd sure be nice if that number weren't getting so darned large!) No over the hill for me, either. Not as long as I can help it.

    Julie- Your mouth to God's ears. Thanks.

    Cro- That's the way!

    Dianne- Nah, the politicians can't take anything like this too seriously; too many of THEM are "old."

    Linda- Not to be confused with going wee-wee ...

  7. There are so many "hills" in life; the "hill" of maturity, the "hill" of health, the "hill" of intelligence etc etc..... So many of those hills I'm still climbing and I few I'm slaloming on my way down. I guess it all depends on which day you ask me if I'm "over the hill".

  8. When the pain under your breasts are your knees. I spit my tea all over my monitor.

    Yes, I have a big birthday this year, 50, but I still feel like I'm 37. Maybe it's because I had the Monster so old, and she's so young, she keeps me young-ish.

    Great post. Love the relevance of being kind, instead of being right.

    And thanks for allowing Seals and Crofts to invade my brain for the rest of the day.
    Just saying.

  9. As long as the grass is beneath me and not above, I am going to keep on dancing. I expect to have some missteps, and may not try a Samba, but I know there are definitely lots of waltzes left for me and hopefully a few tangos along the way.

  10. That video is hilarious. I love the old guy saying...I guess I better do my part. :-) You have such a great attitude. Here is a great quote from Betty White: Age is just a number and people need to get over it. Enjoy the ride!

  11. Delores- You're right about all the "hills." Guess life might be a little boring if it were too easy, huh? (Although a LITTLE stretch without hills might not be so bad.)

    Anne- Glad you enjoyed it. And you don't even have to thank me for helping you keep your monitor clean.

    Arleen- Oh, yeah. Wouldn't it be so cool to do a perfect slinky tango with a rose in your teeth ... just ONCE?

    Tracy Jo- Glad ya liked it. Betty White is a good one to emulate, isn't she? She just turned 90, and she's still going strong.

  12. Love the bit about men favouring prunes and nice long naps. Mr A is dozing in front of the TV as I type this! You're so right though. If we've reached the top of the hill (and I didn't notice it either) then the least we can do is to enjoy free pedalling down the other side.

  13. Delightful post, Susan! Provocative clip on Soc. Security --I think 100% of its reformers give the rest a bad name.

  14. Rosalind- Not sure, but I think being able to take a nap every afternoon is one of my hubby's favorite things about retirement. Yes ma'am, let's all go down that hill whooping and hollering!

    Geo- Glad you liked it. And you're right about the reformers. In fact, it's getting to be the case for politicians in general.

  15. I love your attitude! And you have 12 grandchildren? How blessed are you?!

  16. Wishing you continued happiness. As always, you have given me more perspective today.

  17. One of your all-time best posts, Susan.

  18. Kara- Yes, ma'am, I sure am blessed.

    Tina- Thank you so much.

    Austan- Wow, thanks. I figured you'd get a kick out of that video clip.

    Y'all take care.

  19. It's thanks to people like you, Susan, that I'm not afraid of getting older. X

  20. Cool. That really makes me feel good. Thanks.

  21. I'm 52. I am not over the hill. I've barely started to climb. I'll probably never get over the hill before I die. I'm still considering if I want to grow up.

    Janie Junebug