Thursday, March 3, 2011

But They're In My Heart

Nope, sorry, I'm not planning on whipping out my wallet to bribe you guys into posting a comment today. I was just wondering: do you carry around a bunch of pictures in your wallet?

Years ago, while browsing in the infant department at the local department store, I ran into an older woman who was looking rather lost in the midst of all those diapers and baby bottles. We smiled, exchanged a few friendly words, and the next thing I knew, she was showing me pictures of her grandchildren. My daughter, who was about twelve at the time, executed a perfect adolescent eye roll at me. Poor thing, she was absolutely mortified. I mean, how could her mother stand in the middle of the store carrying on like that with a complete stranger(!)?
The thing is, I didn't have any pictures in my wallet to share with that nice lady. Still don't. I'm married to the love of my life, have three wonderful children, and a whole herd of smart, beautiful grandkids. But no pics to whip out in the middle of the infant department or anywhere else. But they ARE in my heart.

How about you? Is your wallet crammed with pictures of your loved ones? (Or I suppose, nowadays, a bunch of you carry around one of those electronic gizmos that not only stores pictures ... AND videos!, but also surfs the internet, and starts your coffeepot in the morning ...)

Interesting aside: Although one of my husband's business associates had a wife and kids, he chose to carry around pictures of his DOG! I'm not sure what that meant, and have no idea if he's still married, either ...

Anyway, I'm not gonna whip out pictures of my family here, but I am going to give a shout out to one of my chicks. It's her birthday. She's no longer an eye-rolling adolescent, and I'm pleased to say, she's just as likely to strike up a lively conversation with a complete stranger(!) as I am now. Let's call her Honey Bunny, and though she's thirty-three years old today, she'll always, always be our baby. A baby with a big heart and even bigger smile. Who's very much loved.

Even if I don't have a picture of her in my wallet.

Thought for the day: The secret to eternal youth? Simple. Lie about your age.

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