Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let Me Entertain You

Thought for the day:  I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.  [Albert Einstein]

The lovely (and irresistibly sweet) Austan of Austanspace passed this spiffy award on to yours truly, and the object is for me to tell you seven things about me that you don't already know, and then pass the award on to some of my other favorite bloggers.

Hmmm, after doing this sort of thing multiple times before, it's getting harder to come up with something new to tell you guys, but we'll give it a go.

1.  At our wedding reception, I took a teensy sip of champagne to acknowledge the toast, and then quietly traded it in for a glass of milk.

2. On our honeymoon, the man running the chair lift at the Natural Bridge (VA) thought I was my husband's youngun. 

3. When we were in third grade, a friend and I sang a sappy rendition of Over the Rainbow for an elementary school talent show.

4. For our high school drama class, two friends and I performed You Gotta Get a Gimmick. Once. When we told our teacher what we were planning, he asked us to do our routine for him after school. So our one and only audience was Mr. Adams and a small handful of fellow students. We got an enthusiastic response, but our teacher decided it wasn't appropriate for us to do. Too bad. We were reeeeeally funny. Not familiar with this song? It's from the Broadway musical Gypsy. (I was the one who "did it with a switch.")

5. The first time I ever flew in an airplane was a long, long flight from Baltimore to Chicago to Honolulu. After we left Chicago, the plane got caught in horrific turbulence, and at times, it felt like we were on an airborne roller coaster ride or free-falling elevator. How bad was it? Even one of the stewardesses was barfing. Me? I kept crocheting. Because I had no point of reference, I didn't realize the flight was so awful.

6.  I'd been pretty sick for several days, but my appendix decided to  burst after my husband and I went to bed one night. I lay there in the dark quietly panting, as though I were in labor, but once it burst, the pain level went down dramatically, so I went to sleep. (Or passed out? Not sure.) But I didn't want to bother my husband by waking him. And didn't go to the hospital for several more days. (By then, I was turning a peculiar shade of green.) Pretty dumb, huh?

 7.  We went to the horse races once. It was at Timonium, Maryland, and the we was my husband, parents, mother-in-law, aunt, two sons, and me. Through sheer dumb luck, I won enough cash to cover food and drinks for all of us, with money to spare. I actually picked the first place horses for the trifecta, too, but didn't know enough to bet them all at once. I made each bet individually. Had I bet them all at the same time, I would've won a ton of money. Because I kept picking winners, my father bet my pick in one of the races. The horse came in dead last.

So, there ya have it.

Now, I'm supposed to pass the award on to seven other bloggers. My track record here hasn't been nearly as good as it was at Timonium. Rarely do the people I pick care to follow through. That's fine. I'm not gonna worry about it. What I'm gonna do is select blogs I haven't already tapped in the past. These are all blogs I thoroughly enjoy, so if nothing else, maybe the rest of you will check them out. And better yet, maybe these folks will participate, and I'll learn a little more about them. Here we go :

One last thing. In case looking at that picture of strawberry pie has got you craving some, here's a super good (and super easy) recipe for you to try. Guaranteed to please.

                                      Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.


  1. Congratulations on your award - may I say that 'electric boobs' has got to be one of the best tags I've seen in a long time :-)

  2. #2 made me giggle and #6 - you are lucky you aren't dead. Wow! Love your list. :)

  3. Susan. How very kind to think of me. I really am very honoured.

    But forgive me; if I revealed my secrets, I'd probably end up in Jail.

  4. That was a doozy of a long plane ride for your very first one!

    And as for the burst appendix, it's a wonder you're still here! Wow! Thank heavens you finally went to see a doctor!

  5. Ye-owch! A burst appendix and you didn't want to disturb your husband? There's such a thing as being TOO considerate, you know. ;)

  6. Congratulations on the award.

  7. Sarah- Thanks. Glad you liked the electric boob tag. Me, too, so I was really glad for an excuse to use it again. (First time was about a bikini with built-in solar panels for charging electronic gadgets.)

    Skippy- The whole thinking I was his youngun made me giggle, too. And you're right. That was a looooong recovery.

    Cro- HA! That's the beauty of it ... you don't TELL the shadier secrets! But I respect your stance. (sigh) Guess I'll just have to keep reading your blog and pick up tidbits piecemeal.

    Dianne- It sure was. Would you believe I crocheted an entire afghan on that flight? And you're right about going to the doctor. It was pretty much a coin flip as to whether or not I'd go. Lucky flip.

    Linda- I know. I'm a moron. My doc said I'm the kind of person who'd quietly die of a heart attack rather than "bother" anyone. (But in my defense, the doctors I worked with made sooooo much fun of hypochondriacs.)

    Delores- Thank you, dear lady.

    Y'all take care, and have a super day.

  8. You ignored turbulence and slept through a burst appendix. I guess not much really gets to you. Superwoman or lady in denial? However, pulling the covers over my head has gotten me through many a day.

  9. Susan- I wish there was a "One of a Kind" award, cuz I'd give it to you. I can identify with the first flight being rough but not knowing it, too. Does that go into the expectations and what you don't know won't hurt you file? I'm really glad you survived a burst appendix... many don't. And I'd pay to see that sappy Over the Rainbow or the forbidden Ya Gotta Get a Gimmick!

  10. Arleen- Definitely not Super Woman. My father raised us with an iron fist, (and a razor strop) so I learned at an early age not to complain or ask for anything, and sometimes that early training still plays a role in my reactions. (or failures to react)

    Austan- How sweet. Thanks. We really had a blast with that "Gimmick" song. Now, one of the gals is dead, and the other just had knee replacement surgery, so there'll not be a repeat performance in this lifetime. We sure cracked ourselves up, though.

  11. I too was intrigued by the electric boobs tag :) Love your blog!

  12. Wow, I've never been on a flight with bad turbulence. To think that was your first flight. Yikes.

    And I cannot believe you went to sleep after your appendix burst! That's

  13. Judy- Thank you ma'am. I do appreciate it.

    L.G.- I dunno. I think I'd rather be initiated with that sort of flight, rather than experience it at a later time when I knew enough to be concerned. Oh, and going to sleep (or passing out, still not sure which I did) wasn't a big deal. The pain is pretty excruciating while the pressure's building up, but once it bursts, it feels soooooo much better.

    Al- Thank you, dear sir.

  14. You are one tough cookie. That is amazing about your appendix. Off to check out the other blogs. Thank you!

  15. Tracy Jo- More foolish than tough, I'm afraid. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Gimmick is hilarious. I wish you'd gotten to perform and turn on your lights for everyone.


  17. Damn! I thought you liked me. Now you go and inflict me with one of those god-awful awards where you have to tell things about yourself. Please, please, take it back. I'll owe you a BIG one if you do!

  18. What a fun post! Thank you, Susan, for the award. I did my best with it.

  19. I'm not very big on champagne. I was too young to drink it when I got married, though--I think we had something non-alcholic, but I can't quite remember what. ;)

    Ack! The burst appendix sounds awful! So glad you ended up okay.

  20. WOW. You were really lucky with that burst appendix. That could have turned out very bad!!

  21. Janie- Yeah, it would've been a hoot.

    Mr. C- HA! Let it never be said that I'm an Indian giver, but if you don't wanta do it ... don't!

    Geo- Glad you enjoyed it, and I'll check out your post asap. Thanks!

    Laura- Hi-ya, and welcome. I don't believe we've "met" before. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    DL- Yeah, you're right. My appendix luck tops my luck at the races.

  22. Congrats on the well-deserved award. But, my God, you're lucky you're not dead. I gasped when I read that one. You still had good nerves on the flight to Hawaii. (BTW, I love to crochet, too.) Thanks for the recipe! (Sign me up for the next trip to the race track!)

  23. That appendicitis one really had me reeling. You could have died!! I can just imagine you and your friends doing a version of that song for the teacher though and I'm not surprised he wouldn't allow it.

    I've just reread your profile. I hope that prayers really are answered and that dreams really do come true. Sometimes my arms ache from reaching for those darn stars but if you're still reaching out then so will I.

  24. Carrie- That's a new one on me. A "runner bean," huh? I've been called a "human bean" before, and even a "string bean" a time or two, but never a "runner bean." Knowing you, I'll take it as something nice, so thank you. (I think.)

    Kittie- Thank you, dear lady. That was one of the best things about that flight to Hawaii ... it took so long, I crocheted an entire afghan. Guess we couldn't do that nowadays, though, huh? They probably wouldn't let us take crochet hooks and scissors onto the plane. I hope you give that recipe a try; it really is yummy.

    Rosalind- Yeah, looking back, I can understand why our teacher wouldn't let us do that routine for a larger audience. He might've liked it, but some of the other teachers and parents might now have approved. (But I'm telling ya, we were hilarious!) I know what you mean about reaching for the stars with aching arms, but I intend to keep on reaching until they close the coffin lid on me. (If nothing else, we should get good marks for perseverance!)

  25. Susan, congrats and thank you! I'm so not worthy, but you are a peach and made my day!

  26. Paige- Oh, you soooo deserve it. Glad I made your day, kiddo. Your blog posts do the same for a lot of people.